terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Verniz a estalar

O verniz do Aquecimento Global está a estalar. E a discussão a aquecer. Ontem, na CNN, mais um marco histórico, com o Lou Dobbs a interiorizar a ideia de que também andou todos estes anos enganado! Alguns excertos do prórpio Dobbs são a seguir referidos, mas vejam e leiam a transcrição no link abaixo.

-Yes, well the actual point of contention, as I recall - I love the way that Al Gore makes it sound like that was 200 years ago. That was just two years ago, 2007. It involved four drowning polar bears. It turns out they didn't. That's sort of straightforward and a simple fact isn't it?

-All right. Let's go to a couple of things. The BBC climate reporter this weekend I think probably shook up society there a bit this weekend, talking about the fact that over the course of the - of this new millennia, young though we are, nine years into it, he begins his lead, 'You may be surprised to learn that the hottest year recorded is not 2008, not 2007, nor one of the previous - the last ten years, but rather you have to go back to 1998.' And I have to say, I think most people would say - what? Because they've been led to believe that the climate is warming almost daily.