quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010

Climate Progress censorship

Following my post regarding the Arctic in the Holocene, I did a tour today among the alarmists websites, seeking for Arctic nonsense. Sure, Joe Romm, at Climate Progress had it as the first post. Well, I did a comment there, and I even replied to some others comments, as can be seen in the left image below.

In the meanwhile, I returned there to see if someone else needed some more scientific facts. And surprise! My comments and the others referring to mine had gone, been censored, as can be seen by the right image below! It really made the difference having several tabs opened in the browser, to detect this. And as can be seen, I might wonder what might motivate these comment deletes? In the meantime, 8 visitors from Climate Progress did follow the links in the comments, so a few got more informed on the historic facts...

Nothing really new, and a real sample of how the consensus is not breached!