segunda-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2010

The wonder bear

BBC will air December 29th, at 8PM, "Polar Bear - Spy On The Ice". They did an interesting job finding out some of their personal secrets. In the end, this will go down as a high-tech bear destruction. They are known to be highly protective, and they do value their privacy.

Director John Downer managed to disguise some remote-controlled spy cameras, and did get some very interesting images. Check the following video on how a bear stalks a seal:

Or check out how they flirt with each other:

These images were possible with four special cameras: Blizzard Cam, Drift Cam, Iceberg Cam and Snowball Cam. Check out how the bears discovered them in the first place:

In the middle of their meals, they also got some entertainment. They must do some exercise to keep fit:

In the end, they got to destroy two of the cameras, worth £130000. Might be the reason why they are not endangered after all. Life will not be the same in the Arctic again...