sexta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2011

Previsões criminosas

Um leitor indisposto indignou-se contra a minha referência às políticas criminosas na Austrália. A maioria das pessoas não sabe que hoje é muito fácil desmascarar esta gente? Pois bem, basta umas poucas pesquisas no Google para encontrar pérolas, autênticas previsões criminosas... Coisa que está a ser feita por muitos bloggers internacionais.. Por isso deixo aqui a minha contribuição, do tretas Tim Flannery (a quem os donos dos carros, no vídeo abaixo, podem aproveitar para mandar a factura?), nesta sua contribuição para a New Scientist, em Junho de 2007 (realces da minha responsabilidade):

Over the past 50 years southern Australia has lost about 20 per cent of its rainfall, and one cause is almost certainly global warming. Similar losses have been experienced in eastern Australia, and although the science is less certain it is probable that global warming is behind these losses too. But by far the most dangerous trend is the decline in the flow of Australian rivers: it has fallen by around 70 per cent in recent decades, so dams no longer fill even when it does rain. Growing evidence suggests that hotter soils, caused directly by global warming, have increased evaporation and transpiration and that the change is permanent. I believe the first thing Australians need to do is to stop worrying about "the drought" - which is transient - and start talking about the new climate.

The cities need drought-proofing by, for example, installing water tanks in all dwellings that can accept them. Because in affected areas the decline in river flow is three times that in rainfall, water tanks that use roofs as catchments are now far more effective than dams for supplying drinking water in cities such as Sydney and Brisbane.

Desalination plants can provide insurance against drought. In Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane, water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months. Of course, these plants should be supplied by zero-carbon power sources.