sexta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2011

Cape Verde is now... green!

When Al Gore launched Climate Reality, it was quite easy to debunk the facts that he had laid out about Cape Verde. Since then, Mother Nature has also jumped in, and poured a lot of rain in those Atlantic islands. The result is a countryside coated in green, as seen by a local newspaper. Please notice their joy:

The island of Santiago is now blanketed in green, making Cape Verde’s name seem less odd than it does most of the year. The green is a gift to the eyes and for the entire body, which revel in the cool breeze of the mountains and the lovely landscapes. In all of the island’s municipalities, the hopes for a good harvest increase with every day that passes and with every inch of growth of the cornstalks.
With the rainfall and with the plants covering the countryside, people’s joy is visible and contagious – children play in the pools of water that form, young people sit by the road side telling stories, and older folks sit in their doorways trying to calculate how many barrels of corn and beans they will be able to come up with this year.

Also take a look at the newspaper photos. I've posted three below! These are wonderful images from a country that is not used to it! And they are certainly not the view that Al Gore is expecting for his Climate Reality in Cape Verde...