sábado, 5 de dezembro de 2009

Open letter to Copenhagen climate delegates

In a portuguese blog, this is an open letter, in English, to Copenhagen climate delegates. This will be sent to the contacts I know will be in Copenhagen. Please send this letter, or your own, to the delegates you know. Knowing that the media is not covering Climategate, it is important that the delegates know what is going on!

Dear leaders,

I hope the Copenhagen summit will hear what the Climategate scandal is telling us all: that man-made global warming is a fraud.

As a Portuguese, we have good historical evidence that our country has been warmer in the past. We know that the Medieval Warm Period was real, and dealt then with the consequences. It was then that Portugal and Spain discovered a whole lot of the World, unknown at the time. We also know the Little Ice Age was cooler, and that it was the worst in Portuguese History. This is what our past tells us clearly: that Climate Change has been happening all the time!

What we have discovered in the last two weeks is that the top level scientists involved in Global Warming have created, manipulated and deleted the climate data for the last decades. What we also know is that CO2 is the basis of life on Earth, be it plants or animals. And what we know is that the warmth that Earth gets to experience, and that also supports life on this planet, we do get it from the Sun.

I hope you, and all the Copenhagen delegates, will not be associated with the biggest scientific hoax ever. I expect that you remember what history tells us, and that we don't go down tomorrow as the most ridiculous humans in Earth's history.