sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2010

Alarmistas congelados

Alguém tem reparado nos alarmistas, ultimamente? Será que estão em hibernação? Se forem como o Punxsutawney Phil, voltaram para as respectivas tocas, para mais 6 semanas de sono. Entretanto, o resto do Planeta vai-se aquecendo com o gozo de malhar na teoria do Aquecimento Global. São os cartunistas, os cantores, e muitos mais.

Por isso, vale a pena ler este artigo de opinião, num jornal australiano. Alguns excerptos, para abrir o apetite:

But now, even the most aggressive alarmists have gone quiet or softened their rhetoric and people who sat on the fence have morphed into wise owls.

But, when even the British left-leaning, warmist-friendly Guardian newspaper has begun to investigate the fraud involved in "sexing up" climate change science, it's clear the collapse of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's credibility and the holes in the case for catastrophic man-made climate change can no longer be ignored.

Australia's Chief Scientist, Professor Penny Sackett, who just three months ago was telling us that we had only five years to stop catastrophic global warming, is similarly less gung-ho these days.

Funny, proponents of the theory of catastrophic man-made climate change never expressed concern about the "confusion", aka politicisation of science, when it was running their way.

Blows to the climate alarm case keep coming, from fraudulent claims about melting glaciers, increased hurricanes and drought, dying Amazon rainforest, disappearing polar bears and the flooding of half of Holland.

Because it was in a good cause it was somehow OK for the United Nations' lead climate change body to slant science, cherry-pick data, and base claims on such flimsy references as Greenpeace and WWF propaganda, a student's master's thesis and anecdotes in Climber magazine.

This sort of ''noble cause'' corruption appears to have permeated climate change science, and set back the legitimate cause of fighting pollution. The dishonesty will have only ensured a generation of people will no longer trust environmental warnings.

Entretanto, aproveitemos mais um fim de semana e um Carnaval congelado aqui para os nossos lados...