terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2010

Chef fulo

Giles Coren é um crítico de culinária, e que escreve no jornal The Times. Ele anda fulo porque deve andar a ser gozado. Como o Al Gore. E se anda a ser gozado, é porque é certamente um dos alarmistas da treta que por aí pululam. Mas depois de ler a sua coluna de 9 de Janeiro, é caso para dizer-se que o homem passou-se. Vejam alguns extractos do seu artigo:
  • If I hear another global warming joke, I’ll ... go completely insane. Climate change doesn’t mean we’ll have lots of lovely weather all the time, you numbskulls
  • Right, there is something that is going to have to stop right this second, and that is people making jokes about “If the globe is warming up then where did all this snow come from, eh? Eh? Tell me that?” Because it is driving me crazy.
  • Do you understand? It’s called “global warming”, but that doesn’t mean “nice warm weather”. So please stop making these stupid, stupid jokes in my newspapers and on my television.
  • If global warming turns out to be true, Britain weather will go bonkers. It will snow all the time. Weather might be like this more often, not less.
  • I am not saying that the snow we are having now is because of global warming. It is not. Although it is an example of what we will have if global warming happens (regardless of whether it is man-made or the result of a Vulcan farting epidemic on Mars).

Alguns comentários dos leitores são espectaculares. Alguns dos meus preferidos:
  • Geez Giles. It must be tough to find out that you're a simple ignoramus who's been duped by latter day Jeremiahs and Snake Oil Merchants. The sooner you admit that you're no wiser or intelligent than a 12th century peasant, the sooner you'll get over it.
  • Now Giles you are getting a little silly.Only last week you threw a juvenile hissy fit after ludicrously failing to locate a restaurant which you had booked and now you are pronouncing on a subject on which you clearly have no knowledge.
    Just stick to lambasting pretentious over-priced eating places:now that is something at which you are genuinely talented.
  • You are a brain washed idiot. Copenhagen failed because there is no support for productive economies to tax their citizenry to death and transfer much of the money to third world countries where dictators will deposit in in their personal Swiss accounts.