quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2009

Sea Level Decline

This is an English post in a Portuguese blog. Ecotretas has developed an analysis of sea level using the most recent data available, after suggestion that sea-level might not be rising as predicted.

The analysis of 53 sea level stations, distributed all over the world, suggests a decline of sea level by almost two feet, by 2100, if it continues the downward trend observed over the last three years. Even considering the average value for the last 9 years, this would lead to a rise of only one inch during the XXI century.

The analysis started by a search of data for the sea level stations referenced in Douglas (1997). The data used was obtained from the University of Hawaii, which has the most updated data available on the Internet. For the study, all stations without data in 2009 were excluded, as all that did not have relevant data from 07/01/2000.

The complete report in English is available at http://www.slideshare.net/Ecotretas/sealevel-1792065, or by email, on demand.