sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

O grande Obama

Já aqui nos referimos muitas vezes ao grande Obama. Em particular, o presidente americano tem o dom de enfurecer os ambientalistas, que o esperavam como um salvador! O Andrew Revkin escreve no New York Times aquilo que já havíamos referenciado (realces da minha responsabilidade):

Clearly there are many forces impeding congressional action on climate besides a lack of presidential assertiveness, but here are some things that Obama has not done:

- He has not given a substantial speech focused on the responsibility of the world’s greatest emitter of greenhouse gases to face up to the long-term risks posed by the rising human influence on the climate system and pursue the opportunities that lie in a sustained “energy quest.” There is a path toward action that can avoid the paralysis around the cap-and-trade concept that has become the best friend of stasists seeking status-quo energy policy. Perhaps after the November elections, the path toward a new framing on the climate issue is possible. We’ll see.

- He has not invited a variegated stream of researchers and analysts of climate science and policy to the White House. Whatever you think of the climate policies of President George W. Bush, at least he did this in his first year, forcing his cabinet — not lower functionaries — to sit through something like a dozen sessions of what amounted to “Climate 101.”
- Obama has also failed to challenge fossilized foes of meaningful action on energy and climate change, from Senator James Inhofe to the many conservative columnists — along with some liberals — who’ve distorted the American discourse on climate into an either-or debate over beliefs little different than that on abortion or gun rights.

Os alarmistas mais radicais falam do falhanço da presidência de Obama. A revista Rolling Stone já efectuou as condolências à legislação climática, declarando que descanse em paz! Muitos mais artigos são de leitura obrigatória, para perceber como eles estão aflitos! Mas, será que, será que o Obama é um céptico?