domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

Pachauri openly defends killing skeptics

When leaders are unable to deal with reality, they just get the critics sent somewhere else. 500 years ago, the Inquisition would do that burning the infidels at the stake. Some decades ago, Hitler was sending the Jews to concentration camps. This week, Pachauri has gotten to the next level: send the climate skeptics to outer space! has gotten so enthusiastic with the idea that they have previewed the future with the image on the left! The unforgivable phrase from Pachauri was given to the audience of the "Extreme Climate Risks and California's Future" conference, organized by California's Governor, Jerry Brown. According to Grist, what happened was:

More laughter came when Pachauri joked that Branson could give climate deniers tickets on the aviation mogul's planned flights into outer space. "Perhaps it could be a one-way ticket," Pachauri said, smiling, "though I'm not sure space deserves them."

It is time for this man to step down! And to apologize for what he has said. One cannot accept that the IPCC is being run by someone that openly suggests people being killed! These are unacceptable terms, and not even suitable for the baddest of criminals. But given what has happened in Durban, this is only one of the first demonstrations on how this Green Religion is feeling!

Update: has corrected the news. Revkin, from NY Times, has also weighed in, and agrees that Pachauri should step down... The video is also available online now, but not at the time this post was published. The two relevant parts are visible below: