segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2012

Batalhas climáticas

A sua referência no Watts Up With That tinha-me passado despercebida. Mas o texto é tão bom, que todos os leitores assíduos devem perder uns largos minutos a ler este texto do blog Pointman! É um texto muito exigente, em Inglês, e de difícil terminologia. Mas garanto-vos que é a melhor análise estratégica que vi até hoje ao movimento céptico das teorias do Aquecimento Global e similares.

A análise faz-me recuar aos tempos da leitura de A Arte da Guerra. Ou de histórias como as de David e Golias. Deste texto destaco os seguintes excerptos abaixo. Eles realmente reflectem o esforço da Resistência Climática, no passado, presente, e agora para o futuro.

You have to find new ways of fighting, because the only way of surviving in that ring with them, is never to get into that ring with them. They’re simply too powerful. You’re going up against official government policy, every major politician, well-funded activist organisations, the scientific establishment, the big moneymen and every organ of the media.

The problem the alarmists had, was that there was never anything substantial to hit back at. They had the equivalents of the big guns and the massive air support but there never was a skeptic HQ to be pounded, no big central organisation, no massed ranks of skeptic soldiers or even any third-party backing the resistance. Every one of the skeptics was a lone volunteer guerilla fighter, who needed absolutely no logistical support of any kind to continue the fight indefinitely. The alarmists never understood this, preferring to think that there simply had to be some massive hidden organisation orchestrating the resistance. While they wasted time and effort attacking targets that only existed in their head, each of the guerillas chewed on them mercilessly in their own particular way.

From any rational viewpoint, Fakegate has turned out to be a disastrous event for the alarmists. When you’re patently losing a battle, you withdraw to conserve your forces to fight another day. Amazingly, they would rather battle on into a self-immolating quagmire of expensive litigation than simply admit they were wrong. It shows a childish petulance that plays exactly into the realist’s hands, who are clever enough to let them get on with it, needing nothing more than the odd prod to encourage their defiance. At some point in the not too distant future, the realists know the people who own those media outlets and employ those journalists, are going to get fed up of writing libel damage cheques to cover the self-righteous crusading of a few prima donna hacks.

I used to be able to predict what they’d do but that’s become impossible of late. All reason has fled. There’s a real feeling of April 1945, Berlin, der Fuhrerbunker and its mad occupants, barking unrealistic orders down phones and moving long ago destroyed units around on maps, as if it really meant something. It’s all basically becoming more and more hysterical and irrational.

It’s not quite over yet but we’ve beaten them and will have to be satisfied with that. The bitter pill for me, is that none of them will ever stand in a court of law to answer charges of crimes against humanity for the deaths, starvation and poverty that their policies inflicted on the poor around the world. We must now move to get those policies reversed.